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The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) partnered with Waterson Technologies, under the registration number 50203398971, on January 5, 2023. Formalized under the contract VP-L-2022/75, aims to develop an experimental dataset on water quality for training Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. The data will be gathered under controlled laboratory conditions and stored in a database. The simulation will entail contamination of drinking water with at least three different types of pollutants.


This initiative is facilitated under the European Regional Development Fund project, “Technology Transfer Program,” with a project identification number Through a voucher system, LIAA has affirmed its commitment to co-finance the services provided to Waterson Technologies, covering 85% of the eligible costs up to the voucher value, provided the service provider adheres to the stipulated conditions for voucher issuance, circulation, and utilization.


Further, the tasks involve marking the data set, and storing the data in an SQL database. The outcomes of the experimental development are anticipated to include a developed laboratory experiment methodology, three different pollutant testing protocols, and a dataset.


The voucher was valid for 12 months from the contract’s conclusion, extending no further than October 31, 2023.