Real-time, AI empowered water quality monitoring and early warning software

We employ Artificial Intelligence to assess the probability of biological contamination in real time. Instead of laboratory testing, Waterson enables the use of data from existing (off-the-shelf) and installed drinking water physicochemical sensors. Our solution provides real-time results, reduces costs by x times and prevents further spread of contamination. We are aiming to democratize biological water analyses, making it available to everybody.

AI algorithm
The Waterson uses data from off-the-shelf physicochemical sensors. When collecting data, they are recorded in the database, developing customer specific time series data sets. This process is supported by data cleaning and merging for the needs of AI algorithm. Performing calculations, the algorithm estimates the probability of biological contamination. Obtained results are presented visually, in a user friendly interface.

Real time results

Waterson continuous data analytics, provides control over water biological quality, reducing potential contamination risks to the minimum.

Fully automated

Waterson system is fully automated. No human assistance is required for data collection, processing and interpretation.

Low cost

Waterson provides minute-by-minute monitoring, licensing software for a cost of 1 EURO cent per measurement.

Plug & Play

Waterson's solution is robust and easy to use. It is compatible with sensors from different manufacturers,

Online / 24x7
Waterson uses minute-by-minute data streams. Continuous 24x7x365 water quality monitoring is available to the end user.
Reads sensor data
Waterson enables the use of data from existing (off-the-shelf) and installed drinking water physicochemical sensors
Detects biological contamination

Waterson algorithms are trained to recognize probability of biological contamination in the drinking water.

User Interface
An easy-to-understand user interface with all the important sensor and AI information.
SKADA compatible
Waterson support integration with SCADA and AI data information visualization.
Cloud ready
Waterson provide a cloud based secure data storage and visualization environment for each client.
On-premise ready
Waterson provides built-in on-premise solutions for data visualization and remote data access.
Adaptable to different customer needs
With automated water biological quality testing, municipal utilities can avoid water contamination risks, protect infrastructure and ensure full compliance.
By relying on water quality, beverage and food companies have to deliver products that taste good with guaranteed expiration date.
Agriculture, Farming, Cosmetics and other industries are in the scope of Waterson development.
We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions
Waterson is using typical parameters as temperature, pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity and reduction-oxidation potential measurements.
Waterson can detect drinking water contamination events caused by various intrusion accidents down to 1% of contaminant proportion in water.
Waterson can detect the probability of biological contamination event occurrence up to 100% accuracy depending on potential contamination source and up to 99% on average.
At this stage of Waterson development we are working on the algorithms to detect and indicate potential water quality deterioration caused by biostabillity issues in water.
If the contamination event has been detected the case is reported in the user interface as well as the warning is sent to the system operator.
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