Creating impact
via strong partnerships
Through partnerships, we develop and create new applications and business opportunities.
Adaptable to different sensors
Waterson’s technology uses data from physico-chemical sensors. When developing the technology, we anticipated the possibility that data is collected from equipment from different manufacturers. This opens up an opportunity for us to build new partnerships. Our goal is to make Waterson technology available to every sensor manufacturer. We offer a demo opportunity for Waterson technology. If you are a sensor manufacturer, we have the opportunity to collaborate and take advantage of your equipment and our software to provide added value to end users.
Adaptable to different application cases
Waterson technology is designed to monitor the quality of drinking water. We are well aware that drinking water quality standards vary. It is largely determined by where and for what purpose the drinking water is used. Our focus has been European water utilities. At the same time, we see opportunities to adapt waterson technology to various industries that depend on clean and unpolluted water. We are interested in new partnerships to validate and adapt Waterson technology in the food, beverage, cosmetic and other industries.
Adaptable to different types of water
Waterson technology is made for drinking water. At the same time, we see that the risks of biological contamination are also addressed in other industries (industries that do not use drinking water). We especially want to emphasize the circular economy, with the reuse of water resources. We believe that Waterson technology has a wide range of applications to ensure the purity of reused water. We are interested in circular water pilot projects to adapt Waterson technology to specific conditions.
For the development and improvement of Waterson technology, we are constantly working on new partnerships.
We are improving Waterson's capabilities by testing and piloting sensors from different manufacturers. We are interested in creating long-term cooperation opportunities that result in pilot projects with the involvement of end users.
Our experience so far shows that as a result of cooperation, it is possible to create new solutions. We encourage system integrators to evaluate the benefits of Waterson technology to address end-user challenges. With your knowledge of end-user needs and Waterson's ability to use physico-chemical sensor data, new applications can be created.
Waterson's advantage is the database and accumulated knowledge about the application of sensor data. We look forward to future collaborations with academic organizations to work on new applications, algorithm development and data analytics capabilities. We believe our technology opens up limitless possibilities in water quality research.
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