First case study available for the public review

During the case study the intrusion of raw wastewater was simulated by addition of 1-3% of contaminant to drinking water flow in the pilot scale drinking water supply system which was supplied by the municipal drinking water supply system. To apply the contamination detection algorithms, long term safe drinking water quality monitoring was applied. More than 300 000 readings on water quality were consolidated to be used for AI training. Results showed that the system can detect a wastewater contamination event with a probability of 96.75% and recognizes the clean drinking water with a probability of 99.87%. The presence of biological contamination was validated by continuous flow cytometry measurements and grab sampling with laboratory testing.
Other news
We are glad to announce that we are one of the selected teams in the very first Stockholm Techstars Accelerator class. Please follow our progress in the months ahead as we prepare for Demo Day and a seed round. Please join us on the journey ahead!