Instant monitoring
of water biological quality

Waterson develops real-time, AI empowered water quality monitoring and early warning software. It is fully automated, real time and by X times more cost efficient as market available alternatives.

The world
is changing

Unpredictable environmental conditions such as  heat waves,  heavy rains,  flooding, as well as decades old infrastructure, has a direct and immediate effect on water biological quality.  Those are real challenges in Europe already today. And it’s getting worse. 


Grab sampling and laboratory testing is the common method for evaluation of biological quality of drinking water. Biological drinking water quality has been measured in much the same way for the last 100 years. To do the Job, it requires several days to detect water biological contamination. Companies and organisations are forced to maintain laboratories, recruit lab people and use expensive equipment that creates large bills.


> 15 EUR per sample to test in the lab


Require people and other resources

Time consuming

> 16 hours for lab analyses are needed

Our solution
Real-time, AI empowered water quality monitoring and early warning software

Waterson technology is like the weather forecast. You know about coming thunderstorms when humidity, temperature, pressure and wind speed conditions are right. Waterson does the same, just for the drinking water. When the conditions are in place, we know about the risks of biological contamination.

Key elements of
Waterson technology

AI Algorithm Software

Waterson has deep roots in data science. Using state of the art methodologies and Artificial Intelligence, our software predicts the probability of biological contamination.

Data Base

Waterson develops a water quality database. We have millions of labeled data points that we use for the training of algorithms. Our database is constantly updated.

User interface

The User Interface is designed to provide insight into data analytics. We provide real-time, minute-by-minute data analytics, individualized for user needs.

of operation

The Waterson uses data from off-the-shelf physicochemical sensors. When collecting data, they are recorded in the database, developing customer specific time series data sets. This process is supported by data cleaning and merging for the needs of AI algorithm. Performing calculations, the algorithm estimates the probability of biological contamination. Obtained results are presented visually, in a user friendly interface.

With automated water biological quality testing, municipal utilities can avoid water contamination risks, protect infrastructure and ensure full compliance.
By relying on water quality, beverage and food companies have to deliver products that taste good with guaranteed expiration date.
Agriculture, Farming, Cosmetics and other industries are in the scope of Waterson development.
We are glad to announce that we are one of the selected teams in the very first Stockholm Techstars Accelerator class. Please follow our progress in the months ahead as we prepare for Demo Day and a seed round. Please join us on the journey ahead!
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